Welcome to Indian Hills Baptist Church!

Significant Events

1955 – Mission started from Central Baptist Church in a one-room building on 16th Street (Sunday School was held in members’ automobiles, the pastor’s home, and even under shade trees!)

1958 – Congregation organized as Silver Heights Baptist Church

1965 – Silver Heights Baptist Church changed its name to Silver City Baptist Church.  Later that same year the Church changed its name to 6th Street Baptist Church

1979 – Church moved into old Maxwell house store building

1980 – Church began meeting in new facility in Indian Hills (destroyed by fire in 1994), changing its name to Indian Hills Baptist Church

1998 – Church began meeting in current facility off of Arroyo Seco Road


Olan Gooch (1955-1959)

F.M. Roundtree (1959-1964)

Clarence Snitchler (1964)

Jack Wilson, interim (1964-1965)

John J. Rebman (1965-1970)

C.L. MacPherson (1970-1971)

Martin Kennedy (1972-1974)

D.J. Mead (1974-1978)

Gilbert Adams (1978-1979)

Cliff Hutchins (1979-1985)

Fred Moore (1986-1990)

Dan Grindstaff (1990-1997)

Ted With, interim (1997-1998)

David Prell (1998-2002)

Ed Clark, interim (2002-2004)

Jason Gunnels (2004-2006)

Michael Head (2006 – 2017)