Frequently Asked Questions

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What To Expect On Sunday – FAQ

Q. How Long Is The Service?
Sunday morning service begins at 11 a.m. and lasts approximately 60-75 minutes.

Q. Is There Children’s Ministry?
Indian Hills Baptist Church loves children!   Your children are welcome to stay with you or to attend children’s church with other kids their age.  We provide free childcare for newborns up to to toddlers. Pre-school aged children and above will engage together in interactive Bible lessons where they will learn sound biblical truth while engaged in fun fellowship.

Q. What Are The People Like?
IHBC is full of warm hearts and smiling faces.  We’re “all in for Jesus” and we want to be like Him!  That includes loving you the way Jesus does.  To see who you’ll likely meet at IHBC, have a look at our Member Directory.

Q. How Should I Dress?
Whether you wear a tie or wear a T-shirt, you’ll be greeted as a friend.  Simply put, come as you are. For most of us, that tends to be something like jeans and a shirt, whether collared or tee.

Q. What Are The Sermons Like?
We pick a book of the Bible and work through it a week at a time.   We believe you’ll find the pages of Scripture communicate a more gripping story and a more satisfying explanation and solution to the troubles of life than the false promise of “Three Quick Steps To A Whole New You” styled lectures. View one of our sermons here.

Q. What Is The Music Like?
We reach out to good musicians in our midst, and we invite them to do what they do best. Our worship team plays arrangements of classic hymns and modern worship songs that lead the congregation through the full range of emotion from sorrow to joy, and the full truth of God’s gospel.

If you’re a musician and would like to use your talents to glorify the Lord, we’d be interested in talking with you about how you might join our worship team.

Q. What Are the Church Facilities Like?
We are very thankful for our facilities!  IHBC is blessed to have excellent facilities for worship, gathering events, and indoor and outdoor fun for the whole family!  See pictures of our facilities here.