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Old Testament:  Psalms  Jeremiah   Daniel   Esther   Nehemiah

New Testament:  Matthew   Ephesians    1 John   Christmas   Easter

Series:  20/20 Vision      The Quarantine Sermons      Kingdom Virtue     Restored Life      Strangers in a Strange Land         D.U.E.L.                     Heaven and Earth Collide      The Light of Hope


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20/20 Vision

2020 is the year to get our vision clear!  As the world slowly begins to regather after quarantine, and IHBC prepares to relaunch as Arise Community Church, Pastor Chad casts the biblical vision for navigating these tricky times and engaging our culture as carriers of God’s healing in Christ.

The Quarantine Sermons

This is a collection of sermons preached during the COVID-19 Quarantine of 2020 with an eye toward faith in God over fear in present circumstances, and hope in the transformation and growth that God brings through change and perseverance.

Gospel of Matthew

KINGdom Virtue:  An in-depth exposition of the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Matthew preached by Pastor Chad Hussey from June 2019 to present.

1 John

Restored Life:  A chapter-by-chapter survey of the Apostle John’s Epistle encouraging Christians to find the fullness of joy in communion with God and unity with one another.  Preached by Pastor Chad Hussey from 2019 to present.

Old Testament Exile

Strangers in a Strange Land:  A journey through the Old Testament (selections from Jeremiah, Psalms, Daniel, Esther, and Nehemiah) following God’s people through the Babylonian Exile and learning from God’s instruction for faithfully flourishing in a fallen world.  Preached by Pastor Chad Hussey from January to May of 2019.



D.U.E.L. – Armed for Spiritual Battle  (Dependence, Unity, Expectation, and  Life Change):  An in-depth exposition of Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians preached by Pastor Chad Hussey from June to November of 2018.

Special Sermons

Easter 2020

Pastor Chad Hussey teaches a special series walking us through the events of Holy Week during Easter 2020.

Easter 2019

Pastor Chad Hussey preaches a special Easter series during Holy Week 2019.

Christmas 2019

Heaven and Earth Collide:  Pastor Chad Hussey preaches a special Christmas series in December 2019.

Christmas 2018

The Light of Hope:  Pastor Chad Hussey preaches a special Christmas series in December 2018.