Who Are We?

Indian Hills Baptist Church is a growing multi-generational family of believers in Jesus Christ committed to loving God and loving one another.  From the youngest to the oldest, we are thankful for the abundant ways the Lord blesses us, and we live with a zeal for life and excitement for the future.  Our highest desire is to be faithful to Jesus Christ, living according to His word, by the aid of His Holy Spirit.

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Founded in 1955 as Silver Heights Baptist Church, our church has a storied history.  Today, the Lord is busy writing a new chapter in our story and He’s doing amazing new things in and through our church!

We just called our new pastor on June 10, 2018, and you can learn about him and his family here.

Significant Events

1955 – Mission started from Central Baptist Church in a one-room building on 16th Street (Sunday School was held in members’ automobiles, the pastor’s home, and even under shade trees!)

1958 – Congregation organized as Silver Heights Baptist Church

1965 – Silver Heights Baptist Church changed its name to Silver City Baptist Church.  Later that same year the Church changed its name to 6th Street Baptist Church

1979 – Church moved into old Maxwell house store building

1980 – Church began meeting in new facility in Indian Hills (destroyed by fire in 1994), changing its name to Indian Hills Baptist Church

1998 – Church began meeting in current facility off of Arroyo Seco Road


Olan Gooch (1955-1959)

F.M. Roundtree (1959-1964)

Clarence Snitchler (1964)

Jack Wilson, interim (1964-1965)

John J. Rebman (1965-1970)

C.L. MacPherson (1970-1971)

Martin Kennedy (1972-1974)

D.J. Mead (1974-1978)

Gilbert Adams (1978-1979)

Cliff Hutchins (1979-1985)

Fred Moore (1986-1990)

Dan Grindstaff (1990-1997)

Ted With, interim (1997-1998)

David Prell (1998-2002)

Ed Clark, interim (2002-2004)

Jason Gunnels (2004-2006)

Michael Head (2006 – 2017)

Chad W. Hussey (2018 – Present)